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In many cases in the context of engineering projects and construction, before the geological and geotechnical design it has to be done some geological and geotechnical investigation.

For the quality control of the site, geological and geotechnical investigations may apply to the execution of continuous core drilling in order to get rock and soil samples.

Drillings and continuous core sampling may also be necessary for environmental impact and pollution control, pedology and soil science studies, agriculture and forestry studies, mining exploration.

The execution of exploratory core drilling it is performed by our equipment consisting of 2 conventional type drilling rigs mounted on trucks and from the surface of the terrain due to 40 m depth in vertical drilling position.

To obtain soil and rock samples there are used tube core barrels (Τ)86 & (Τ)101 with rod shoes, diamond bits and widia core bits. There is the possibility to take undisturbed samples of soft soils. The maximum sample and borehole diameter range that we can execute is of 115 millimeters (mm).

Field tests performed inside the boreholes are standard penetration test (SPT) at regular intervals and hydropermeability tests, MAAG, LEFRANC and packer test LUGEON.

Inside the boreholes if it is requested, monitoring equipment such as an inclinometer casing and rigid PVC/ inox simple standpipe piezometer or Casagrande piezometer can be placed.

In a narrow place or room, work could be performed by putting the drilling rig on a holder and direct to the floor.

After the end of drilling work, a report with the results and the description of all the work performed will be delivered.

Please see here a selection of pictures from our activity concerning geotechnical site investigation.


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